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Introducing Bibigo Vegan Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste - 170g! Elevate your culinary experience with Bibigo's flavourful and versatile seasoned soybean paste. Made with premium quality ingredients and free from animal products, this vegan-friendly paste is perfect for adding authentic Korean flavour to your dishes. Whether used as a dipping sauce for vegetables, a marinade for tofu or mushrooms, or a savory spread for rice wraps, Bibigo's Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste adds depth and richness to any meal. Experience the bold and savoury taste of Korean cuisine with Bibigo Vegan Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste today!

Size: 107g

Ingredients: Soybean Paste 53% (Water, SoybeanWheat Flour, Salt, Wheat, Koji Barley), Corn Syrup, Fermented Grain (Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Wheat, Koji), Red Pepper Seasoning, Sugar, Cooking Rice Wine, Water, Onion Paste, Red Pepper Seasoning Powder, Garlic Concentrate, Shitake Mushroom Concentrate, Defatted Soybean Powder, Roasted Soybean Powder, Roasted Sesame, Red Pepper Paste, Salt.

Product of Korea

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