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by CJ
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CJ Seasoned Soy Bean Paste, 3kg, is a premium Korean condiment known for its rich and balanced flavour. Ideal for enhancing a variety of dishes, it combines the deep, savoury taste of fermented soybeans with hints of sweetness and spice. This paste is perfect for use in Korean BBQ, ssam (vegetable wraps), soups, and stews. Convenient and versatile, it can be used straight from the tub as a dipping sauce or integrated into your favourite recipes to add a burst of umami flavour.

Size: 3kg

Ingredients: Fermented Soybean Paste 50% (Water, Soybean, Wheat Flour, Salt, Wheat, Koji)Red Pepper Paste (Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Wheat, Red Pepper Powder, Onion, Sesame, Garlic, Glucose, Garlic Powder, Koji), Corn Syrup, Sugar, Distilled Alcohol (Contains BarleyWheat), Water, Onion, Defatted Soybean Powder, Garlic Stock (Contains SoybeanWheat), Shiitake Mushroom Concentrate (Contains SoybeanWheat), Roasted Soybean Powder, Roasted Sesame, Vegetable Concentrate (Contains SoybeanMustard), Salt, Sesame Oil.

Product of Korea

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