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Pho is a Vietnamese soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat, sometimes chicken. Pho is a very popular food in Vietnam where it is served in household, street stalls and restaurants all over the country. Pho is considered Vietnam's national dish. Nowadays, Pho is beloved in many other countries. Vietnamese Pho Kit is a set of materials to cook Pho. Beside the materials in the kit, you will need 800ml of canned beef or chicken stock, 200g of raw beef or cooked chicken, 100g bean sprouts, shallot, basil leaves, coriander.

Size: 138g

Kit contains: Rice noodles, herbs & spices mix, chilli sauce, soybean sauce.

Serves 2 (main) - 4 (starter) for an authentic.

Vietnamese dish ready in just 15 minutes, simply add stock, beef, or chicken and vegetables.

Ingredients: Rice noodles, herbs & spices mix, black soybean sauce, chilli fish sauce.

Product of Vietnam

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