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Chinese New Year Cake Recipe

Chinese New Year Cake Recipe

Here's a recipe for Chinese New Year Cake, also known as Nian Gao. This sweet and sticky rice cake is a traditional dish enjoyed during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

此份量可做 10吋糕盆一個或 7吋糕盆兩個。
This recipe can make one 10-inch cake pan / two 7-inch cake pans.

材料 Ingredients

糯米粉 Glutinous Rice flour 400 (g)
粟粉 Corn Flour 200克 (g)
片糖 Brown Sugar 3 (piece
蔗糖 Loose Brown Cane Sugar 3 (piece)
清水 Water 500毫升 (ml)
椰汁 Coconut Milk 200毫升 (ml)
菜油 Vegetable Oil 50毫升(ml) + 少許(塗模用) a little (for Greasing the cake pan) Chinese New Year Ingredients

Additional Notes
糖的總重量為 500克,屬正常甜度,如想少甜可自行減糖。
The total weight of sugar is 500 grams, which is normal sweetness. If you want less sweetness, you can reduce the sugar by yourself.
If you don't like coconut milk, you can replace it with the same amount of water, but it is more suitable for this rice cake with a little coconut flavour.


1. 糯米粉及粟粉過篩兩次,放入大的容器內備用 (確保粉粒幼細,拌入液體後比較不容易起粉粒)
Sift the glutinous rice flour and corn flour twice and put them into a large container for later use. (Make sure the powder is fine as it is less likely to form a powder when mixed with liquid.)

2. 片糖及蔗糖切開幾塊 (用菜刀的未端比較容易切開),加入清水同置小鍋內,用中火煮溶成糖水。

Cut the brown ​block ​sugar into several pieces and to the loose brown sugar (it is easier to cut with the end of a kitchen knife), add water and pour into a small pot, cook over medium heat to dissolve into sugar water.

3. 量好椰汁及菜油於大碗內,倒入糖水,徐徐拌勻;將所有液體倒入粉料內,慢慢拌勻成年糕漿。(所有液體無須放涼,襯熱即可)

Measure the coconut milk and vegetable oil into a large bowl, pour in the sugar water, and mix slowly;
Pour all the liquid into the powder and slowly mix it into the cake mixture.
**All the liquids do not need to be cooled before this process.

4. 開爐火 / 預熱蒸爐,準備大鍋水蒸糕用。

Turn on the gas fire and prepare a large pot of water / preheat the steamer for steaming cakes.

5. 糕盆內塗上少許菜油防黏,用隔篩濾一次,倒入年糕漿,用錫紙封住糕盆面(需要留有空隙,否則會出現白邊),防止倒汗水滴入年糕面導致表面不平滑。如白邊已經出現,可以移除錫紙再蒸 15分鐘。

Coat the cake pan with a little vegetable oil to prevent sticking, strain the mixture through a sieve, and pour in the cake mixture.

Seal the surface of the rice cake with tin foil (you need to leave a little gap, otherwise white edges will appear) to prevent the condensed water from dripping into the rice cake surface and causing the surface to be uneven. If white edges have appeared, you can remove the tin foil and steam for another 15 minutes.


6. 大火蒸 60分鐘至竹筷子插入年糕內不黏筷子,同時插入一粒已清淨的紅棗做裝飾。蒸年糕的時間視乎糕盆的大小厚薄, 60分鐘為 10吋糕盆所需時間,用 7吋模則可改為 40分鐘。

Steam over high heat for 60 minutes. Use a chopstick to check if the cake is cooked. If the cake doesn’t stick, it’s ready!

Finally, insert a clean red date for decoration.

**The time for steaming rice cakes depends on the size and thickness of the cake pan. 60 minutes is required for a 10-inch cake pan, and 40 minutes for a 7-inch cake pan.

 Chinese New Year Cake

Serving suggestions

Slice, serve with tea and enjoy with friends and family.


Click on the video below to watch a step by step method to make Chinese New Year Cake

Chinese New Year Cake Video



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