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Hanami is the custom of flower viewing in Japanese tradition 🌸

Hanami is the custom of flower viewing in Japanese tradition 🌸

Hanami, or “flower viewing”, is an important Japanese tradition that celebrates the blooming of cherry blossoms every spring. This time-honored custom dates back centuries and is a beloved occasion for friends and family to come together in appreciation of the flowers’ short yet spectacular lifespan.

Part of what makes Hanami such a cherished event is not just its beauty but also its delicacies. For this special celebration, people come together to savour a variety of treats like bento boxes, sushi, sashimi and other savoury dishes. Whereas in the past these were mainly served as part of a picnic beneath the trees, today they can be enjoyed at themed cafés or restaurants throughout Japan.

Food plays an integral role in Hanami culture – in fact there are even specific dishes associated with the holiday! Sweet dumplings made from red bean paste (called “dango”) are traditional favourites that beautifully symbolise both good luck and friendship as they are often shared among family and friends. Additionally, sake (or rice wine) is commonly drunk as part of the festivities; light white-wine spritzers flavoured with fruits such as yuzu (Japanese citron) have grown increasingly popular in recent years too!

So if you ever find yourself in Japan during its famous cherry-blossom season, don’t miss out on the opportunity to celebrate Hanami! As well as admiring these breathtakingly beautiful blooms amongst your friends and family, you can sample all kinds of delicious delicacies too.


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