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This delicious Bullhead BBQ sauce is perfect for Chinese cuisine as a dipping sauce or meat seasoning. The sauce blends well with soy sauce, coriander, and spring onions, for example. Bullhead BBQ sauce has a balance of spicy, strong, and fragrant Taiwanese flavors, making it often used as a marinade or seasoning. It is a blend of dried fish, chili powder, ginger, and soybean oil.

Size: 737g

Ingredients: Soybean Oil (65%), Dried Lizard Fish (9%), Garlic (6%), Shallot (5%), Sesame (4%), Chilli Powder (3.5%), Coconut Powder (3.3%), Ginger (1.9%), Dried Shrimp (1%), Salt (0.8%), Pepper (0.5%).

Product of Taiwan

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