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Sau Tao Thin Egg Noodles are an exquisite culinary creation by Sau Tao, the epitome of premium Asian noodles. These thin egg noodles are crafted with precision, promising an authentic dining experience with every strand. Versatile and easy to cook, Sau Tao Thin Egg Noodles are ideal for a wide range of dishes, from classic noodle soups to delightful stir-fries. Enhance your culinary creations with the perfect balance of texture and taste that Sau Tao is renowned for. These thin egg noodles provide a canvas for creative cooking, ensuring your dishes are a celebration of authenticity. Elevate your Asian-inspired recipes with Sau Tao Thin Egg Noodles – where tradition meets innovation, and every meal becomes a gourmet experience.

Size: 454g / 10 individual noodle nests

Ingredients: Wheat flour, egg white, acidity regulator E501, E500, corn starch, water.

Cooking instructions: Add Sau Tao thick egg noodles into boiling water, stir constantly with chopsticks to avoid the noodles sticking together. Cook for approximately 2 minutes, set aside. Add your vegetables and protein, serve immediately.


Product of China

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