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What is Dim Sum?

What is Dim Sum?

Dim sum is a traditional Chinese cuisine consisting of small snack-sized dishes served in steamer baskets or on plates. It is typically eaten during the day, especially for breakfast and lunch, although it can also be enjoyed as an evening snack or part of a larger meal. The origins of dim sum date back centuries to the Song Dynasty (960–1279) when nomadic traders would frequent tea houses for meals that were usually accompanied by various small snacks. These became popular enough to be formalised into what we know today as dim sum, which literally translates from Cantonese to mean "touch the heart". There are many varieties of dim sum dishes that can be enjoyed, ranging from bite-size dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, fluffy buns accompanied with barbecued pork or sweet lotus paste, deep-fried spring rolls, steamed vegetable dishes, stuffed mushrooms and much more. 


Dim sum is usually served family style so there's often a selection of different dishes to enjoy with everyone contributing to the feast. The cost usually varies depending on the restaurant but it tends to be affordable and great value for money due to the variety and quality included in each serving. It's a great way to sample a range of flavours in one sitting and has become very popular in many parts of the world. So if you're ever looking for a delicious meal experience that will leave you feeling full yet still satisfied - then why not give dim sum a try? 


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