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Sau Tao Fresh Egg Noodle 300g are a culinary masterpiece that marries freshness and premium quality from the renowned Sau Tao brand. These noodles, crafted with precision, offer a delightful chewiness and rich flavour, enhancing your culinary creations. Versatile and easy to prepare, Sau Tao Fresh Egg Noodle 300g is perfect for a variety of dishes, from classic noodle soups to robust stir-fries. With Sau Tao's commitment to excellence and the inclusion of eggs, these noodles promise an authentic taste and a satisfying texture that elevates your home-cooked meals. Elevate your culinary creations with Sau Tao. Immerse yourself in the richness of Sau Tao Fresh Egg Noodle 300g – where every strand is a celebration of freshness and exceptional taste.

Size: 300g


Wheat Flour, Egg White, Acidity Regulator (E501(i)), Acidity Regulator (E500(i)), Tapioca Starch, Water.

Cooking instructions: Add Sau Tao fresh egg noodles into boiling water, stir constantly with chopsticks to avoid the noodles sticking together. Cook for approximately 2 minutes, set aside. Add your vegetables and protein, serve immediately. Suitable for adding to soups and stir fry.


Product of China

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